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Rapscallion Maine Coons breeding for the natural look and size but
most of all the temperament of the Maine Coon cat. Located in the Toowoomba region and registered with the (F.C.C.Q) Feline Control Council of Queensland.

Our kittens are born and raised in the home and when old enough are socialized from meeting the family chooks Steggles and Ingham that
free roam the house yard and visit the cats which the cats don’t seem
to have a problem with and Bobby the visiting Border Collie so all day entertainment for us and the cats.

It is always a treat to watch the development from helpless newborns
into strong, playful kittens when they are ready to leave for their new homes.  All kittens come with 2 vaccinations and are de-sexed and
reading to leave from 13 - 14 weeks of age.

Maine Coons are intelligent, playful and engaging and both males and females make great people companions with a happy and endearing temperament.

We like to think we provide our Maine Coons with the best nutrition and Veterinarian support possible and routine vaccination and testing including DNA of H.C.M Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and S.M.A Spinal muscular atrophy is all a part of our Veterinary support.





Jan 2014:
We have kittens born

Why not visit the kittens page to find out who's new.

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